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Become a MyAramith Retail Partner - Apply Now!

Carry a premium quality line of the best billiard balls in your store is choosing for Aramith. Participating in the MyAramith Retail Partner Program is an honour and achievement which is designed for all businesses focussing on billiard (from small to larger billiard stores, gift shops, poolrooms, and other general sporting goods stores) throughout the world.

3 major Reasons to Become a MyAramith Retail Partner:

Join a Select Group

  • MyAramith is completely focused on the issues and needs of the billiard player

  • MyAramith retail partners are serious about growing their business.

  • Who intent on delivering outstanding customer service.

When Opportunity Knocks

  • SALUC S.A. via its Aramith billiard product line will always continue to deliver game sets only through major importers. For logistic reasons it is impossible and too expensive to deliver directly to the smaller retail store.

  • However the sales of an individualized product can only be organized via online direct sales. Consider where your company is today and evaluate its potential.

  • Our mission becomes your mission - "1 player = 1 game set".

We're Committed to Your Success

Thousands of dollars are yearly invested to produce continuous advancements in product features and quality, keeping Aramith miles ahead of the competition. Our long term partner relationships form the backbone throughout towards our distribution network is unparalleled. To extend your product-line, you can from now on order the personalized cue ball via the internet and take benefits of:

  • Volume price discounts

  • Advertising support via e-mail to customer base

  • No minimum order required.

  • Great products....premium, all highest quality with excellent margins

  • State of the art online electronic order processing and sophisticated distribution equate to ease of operations and make it easy to do business with us. Once you're set up in our system as a retail partner, you have access to an easy, online wholesale reorder process from the convenience of your own computer.

  • You keep up to date on latest product releases via our retail newsletter.

By filling out this Business Application Form you become a MyAramith partner and you join our team.