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Ball & Cue Case

Our new Ball & Cue case offers convenience, style, function, and purpose. Every frequent player recognizes the importance to not only protect his or her tools, but also the practicality and ease of moving from place to place, pub to pub, and tournament to tournament. The convenience of this case will allow for more mobility, games, and enjoyment!


From a style standpoint, the aluminum case accomodates two shafts and butts (not included), a complete set of balls, and has two pockets for chalk and other accessories. Your competition will know you are serious when they see this case in your hands.


From a functional standpoint, when you play with your personal cue and ball set, you will improve your level of play. At Aramith, consistency is one of our core values. Whether it is with our billiard balls, or our worsted cloth, consistency is required. cue_case_2


Whether you are a professional, league or recreational player, when you play with the same cue and ball set you are used to, you will develop new skills and sharpen your old ones. You will develop the consistency needed to take your game to the next level.

This Ball & Cue case provides best balance between functionality and esteem, therefore My Aramith products have been reported to have a nice playability in poolrooms.
Only available through your local retail store !