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Customized Cue Ball

At Aramith, we have taken the premium billiard experience to the next level. Nothing is more personal or unique than your very own personalized cue ball. See some examples.

  • Stand out at your next league eventcue_ball_1
  • Makes a great gift for every pool player
  • Show off your team or company name
  • Celebrate a birthday or anniversary
  • Makes a unique award or memento
  • Great for marketing opportunities or customer gifts


Product specifications

  • The My Aramith cue ball is an official size 57.2 mm cue ball.
  • Guaranteed no sublimation / printing technology used:

Each cue ball is engraved using up-to-date equipment along with unique crafmantship, just as the numbers are on our billiard sets. Therefore, the personalized cue ball can be used for real games.

  • Play characteristics are the same as our Aramith Pro cue ball
  • Completely customizable with all English characters, numbers, and some symbols (& + / ! ?)
  • Standard height of the text is 5mm
  • Maximum engraved text of 20 characters
  • The quality of the phenolic resin will protect against burn marks and imperfections which allows for consistent billiard play

Create your own personalized cue ball ...cue_ball_2

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