Welcome to My Aramith

Recognized as the worldwide leader in billiard balls, Aramith is proud to introduce My Aramith; A new collection of billiard accessories that will enhance your overall billiard experience. Whether you are a professional, league, or recreational player, these accessories were designed and developed especially for you and your game. Whether you want to be more mobile with your equipment, or add a little flair to your game, these accessories will bring a new dimension to your billiard experience.


Ball & Cue Case only available at your local retail store
Our new Ball & Cue case offers convenience, style, function, and purpose. Every frequent player recognizes the importance to not only protect his or her tools, but also the practicality and ease of moving from place to place, pub to pub, and tournament to...
Ball Case only available at your local retail store
Whether you want to store your ball set at home or take it with you, our new ball case allows you to do both. This handy and protective ball case is a practical and attractive way to store and transport your ball set. This attractive nylon ball case will...
Customized Cue Ball available through order online

At Aramith, we have taken the premium billiard experience to the next level. Nothing is more personal or unique than your very own personalized cue ball. Each cue ball is engraved using up-to-date equipment along with unique crafmantship, just as the numbers are on our billiard sets. Therefore, the personalized cue ball can be used for real games. The personalized cue ball is not sublimated (like chinese polyester products) – not printed...